Ajay Markanday
Ajay Markanday

Director of the FAO Liaison Office for North America

UN Food and Agriculture Organization

Mr. Ajay Markanday is the Director of the Liaison Office for North America of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Mr. Markanday has over thirty five years of experience in agricultural development in over twenty countries in Asia, the Pacific and Africa with a number of international development agencies including, FAO, the World Bank, the UK Department For International Development, Asia Development Bank, UNDP and the International Rice Research Institute (CGIAR). His broad experience includes analysis and preparation of large public investment projects with financing institutions and leading UN interagency missions on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture development. In 2011, as FAO Representative in Cambodia, he was awarded a national medal of merit from the Prime Minister in recognition of FAO’s assistance to the country – a first for any UN Agency. This was also in recognition for his work in finalizing a proposal to the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program which the US spearheaded following the crisis in high global food price in 2007-2008. Prior to leading the FAO office for North America, Mr. Markanday was the Senior Advisor to FAO’s Deputy Director-General of Knowledge, then Head of Member Country Liaison, and most recently FAO Representative to the World Bank. Mr. Markanday was appointed Director of the FAO Liaison Office for North America in Washington DC effective January 1, 2015.