Charles A Setchell
Charles A Setchell

Senior Shelter, Settlements, and Hazard Mitigation Advisor

USAID Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA)

Mr. Setchell has nearly 40 years of experience in managing the process of physical, social, and economic change, both in the US and abroad. This professional experience is rooted in undergraduate (University of California, Davis) and graduate (University of California, Berkeley) degrees in urban and environmental planning, doctoral studies in urban planning at MIT, and doctoral research supported by a Fulbright Fellowship and MacArthur Foundation award.

Mr. Setchell has participated in all major international disasters/crises involving a shelter response since his arrival at OFDA in 1998, designing and implementing Shelter and Settlements projects and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) activities in numerous countries. He makes presentations at training courses, meetings, and conferences on a regular basis, and has published on a wide variety of topics.

Publications include:
• Charles A. Setchell, E. Argeñal, L. Malany, and P. Giannone, “Shelter and Settlements,” in Health in Humanitarian Emergencies: Principles and Practice for Public Health and Healthcare Practitioners, David Townes (ed.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018.
• Charles A. Setchell, “The Emerging Importance of The Settlements Approach,” in The State of the Humanitarian Shelter and Settlements, IFRC, Geneva, forthcoming 2018.
• J. Ashmore, J. Kennedy and Charles Setchell, “Scale, Coverage, Quality and Impact,” in UNHCR, UN Habitat, and IFRC, Shelter Projects 2015-2016, Geneva, 2017, pp. 189-190, http://shelterprojects.org/shelterprojects2015-2016/SP15-16_B03-Scale_Quality_Coverage_Impact.pdf
• Eddie Argenal and Charles A. Setchell, “Supporting Host Families as Shelter Options,” in UNHCR, UN Habitat, and IFRC, Shelter Projects 2013-2014, Geneva, 2014, pp. 105-106, http://www.sheltercasestudies.org/shelterprojects2013-2014/SP13-14_B04-HostFamilies.pdf
• Setchell, Charles A., and Eddie Argenal, “Under One Roof: Promoting Transitional Shelter as Both Humanitarian Response and Permanent Housing Reconstruction,” Monthly Developments, Jan/Feb 2014 (Vol. 32, No. 1/2), pp. 19-21 and 27, http://monthlydevelopments.org/current-issue