David Jones
David Jones

Chief Executive

Rescue Global

David Jones is the Chief Executive and co-Founder of Rescue Global, an international NGO specialising in Disaster Risk Reduction and Response (DRR&R) based in London and New York, operating worldwide. David has spent his career in the private, uniformed and civilian emergency services sectors, specialising in both strategic and tactical operational command, control, instruction and organisational development. He is a multi-disciplinarian, expert advisor and instructor in DRR&R subjects including; multi-national / multi-agency command, complex disaster response, search and rescue operations and contingency planning. He leads operations and training teams worldwide, for which he has received awards from the British Royal Family and numerous heads of state. David is on the Leadership Council of the United Nations (UN) Foundation, Humanitarian Awards. He is a DRR&R advisor at nation state level working on DRR&R projects for the governments of the USA, India, Pakistan, Mexico and the Philippines. He is a guest speaker at the Emergency Planning College (Cabinet Office, United Kingdom) and the United States National Search and Rescue Academy - NSARA (FEMA and National Parks). David co-supervises PhD Candidates at the University College London (UCL), and is co-writing Disaster Management and Law programmes with the Universities of Reading (UK) and Millersville (USA).