Jennifer Hardin
Jennifer Hardin

Director of Enterprise Risk Management

International Relief and Development (IRD)

Jennifer Hardin served as Executive Director for Evacuteer.org, a New Orleans based non-profit tasked with operations for the City Assisted Evacuation during climatic events. Ms. Hardin now works as the Director of Enterprise Risk Management for International Relief and Development, responsible for supporting security and risk management teams within in the Middle East, Africa, and South America. Her focus is on program and field-level risk and analyzing the likelihood and impact of organizational threats in order to advise senior leadership on mitigative actions. Due to operating in unstable environments, much of Ms. Hardin's operational duties center on safety and security planning for personnel, as well as contingency planning for crisis-level incidents. Ms. Hardin is a NAEMT Tactical Casualty Combat Care Medic and IAEM Emergency Manager.