Kimberly L. Fogg
Kimberly L. Fogg


Global Sustainable Partnerships (GSP)

My organization, Global Sustainable Partnerships (GSP) works in very rural areas in Tanzania and our focus is on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) practices. We have installed 680 HydrAid® filters in 60 schools, 308 households (including families with family members living with HIV, Albino families, the disabled and the elderly) and 57 gov't and faith-based health dispensaries. We work directly with the women (and their families) in their villages and have unique access to the experiences and realities of African women on the margins in rural areas. That’s why we want to expand our efforts to employing “smart” initiatives to help these women gain broad access to the most basic technological building blocks (e.g., electricity, phone and internet connections) to bring them into the 21st-century! I’m also on the Board of the African Union, Pan-African Diaspora Women’s Association (PADWA) and I’m the lead for the science and technology sector, which gives me direct access to a network of women to share ideal solutions from one African country to another. For example, if one country is being aided by the provision of electricity, and another country is being aided by the provision of clean water, with time, the country being aided with electricity may also be aided with clean water, and vice-versa. We have a sustainable business model that can be duplicated throughout Africa, India, Latin America and the Caribbean, because we focus on respecting cultural norms/community input and through project implementation, we use local sourcing, local contractors and vendors, supplies and staffing, which puts money back into the local economy – generating additional community support. We promote cultural and behavioral changes, which leads to the growth of stronger and healthier communities. We also work with our American schools to engage, educate and inspire youth to help fight the global water crisis and become global citizens.