Mahnaz M. Harrison
Mahnaz M. Harrison

President CEO and Co-founder

Last Mile4D

Mahnaz M. Harrison, President, CEO and Co-founder of Last Mile4D, is a seasoned health executive that designs innovative community-centric health, education and economic empowerment solutions using mobile solar technologies and ICT. She has worked in international development projects in Georgia (Fulbright Scholarship), Uganda, Ethiopia, and Kenya among other locations.  Her many years of experience includes managing or advising officials, non-profit and profit organizations and boards on business strategy, organizational alignment and strategic change. She has led the process and guided the clients to strategic action, and performed management skills training for top tier management. She is a seasoned health executive with a broad range of work in health management, health system strengthening, health policy development, women's health and women in health, gender-based and domestic violence, project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. She has devised innovative health care programs, collaborating with many stakeholders to successfully move these projects from the pilot phase into full implementation. Her health management and familiarity with the political economy of the Caucasus led to her having been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to the Republic of Georgia, where she worked with governmental and nongovernmental Georgian stakeholders to draft a Comprehensive Cancer Control Policy. She co-edited the Country's Non Communicable Disease (NCD) Policy. She also has worked with the Georgian National Museum, an umbrella organization managing 12 museums and three research institutes to assess their competency areas critical to change management and transition from Soviet era operation to modern management. In addition, Mahnaz sits on the board of World Pulse among other international and national boards.  She has consulted with the World Bank.  She is a graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Advance International Studies/SAIS.