Marko Szilveszter Macskovich
Marko Szilveszter Macskovich

Business Intelligence Analyst & Innovation Officer

UNHCR & Global Protection Cluster

Dr. Marko Szilveszter Macskovich is presently an Innovation Officer at the Global Protection Cluster, hoster by the the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. He works with the Cluster to capture the phenomenon of innovation in a variety of manifestations and to harness its benefits in protection mandate delivery on a global scale.


After finishing his dr.jur. (MA) law degree at Szeged University Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, he has been engaged with the Hungarian Government in various capacities, e.g. in the field of international relations, migration management, as well as immigration.


He further pursued his studies at Osaka University, Osaka School of International Public Policy, obtaining an MA with a research direction on UN peacekeeping operations followed by a Ph.D. on the subject of technology-based humanitarian innovations, in particular, in refugee protection.


While working with the United Nations (UN OCHA, UNHCR), he has held assignments in Japan, Kenya, Thailand, Afghanistan, Myanmar and Switzerland.


He maintains a dedicated research engagement in emerging technologies’ application in humanitarian contexts, including considerations on identity, privacy with focus on in/exclusion and the driving powers.