Matthew Campbell
Matthew Campbell

National Coordinator Community Planning and Capacity Building Recovery Support Function

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Matt Campbell is the National Coordinator for the Community Planning and Capacity Building Recovery Support Function within FEMA’s Field Operations Directorate.   Matt has over 19 years of FEMA experience in various capacities helping communities recover from disasters, building hazard mitigation capability and integrating natural and cultural resource considerations into disaster management.  He has held titles as the Flood Grants Program lead and Senior Hazard Mitigation Specialist in the Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration, and as the Deputy Environmental Officer in FEMA’s Office of Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation.  He was most recently the Emergency Support Function #14 Long Term Community Recovery National Coordinator for 5 years.   He has also served as the co-lead for the White House Long Term Disaster Recovery Working Group’s focus group on State and Local Capacity, Planning and Technical Assistance.  He has contributed to significant agency initiatives including development of National Disaster Recovery Framework, Hazard Mitigation Planning “How-to” publications and APA’s 1998 Pre-disaster Planning for Post Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction” report.  He has served in a mitigation and recovery leadership capacity in many disaster events, such as the 1993 Midwest Floods, Hurricanes Marilyn, Floyd and Ike, and the long term recovery planning for Greensburg, Kansas, the 2008 Iowa Floods, the 2009 Tennessee floods, and CPCB RSF deployments for Hurricane Sandy.   He represented the CPCB RSF on the Sandy Recovery Task Force.   Matt has a Masters in Community Planning and a Bachelor’s in Geography.