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The Leading Global Event on Disaster Resilience, Relief and Development...


UN OCHA’s Global Humanitarian Overview 2019 states that 350 million people are affected by disasters each year, and as a result displacement figures could reach 140 Million people by 2050. More people than ever are affected by disaster and conflict which are lasting longer on average than ever before.  Global healthcare issues remain a prominent issue, with thousands still dying of preventable diseases and not being able to access healthcare services that they require.

AIDF has grown as a result of this global crisis and has become one of the leading global platforms serving the humanitarian aid and development sectors, bringing together regional governments, UN agencies, NGOs, Civil Society, Aid agencies and donor organisations with the private sector.

In its 11th year, the AIDF Global Summit will take place at the Ronald Reagan building in Washington D.C, also home to USAID and is located in the federal triangle.

The AIDF Global Summit offers you the opportunity to showcase your products and services directly to over 300 senior decision makers and key specifiers while also providing thought leadership and capacity building on your specific areas of expertise in order to help combat and overcome these global challenges.

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