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World Panel to Address Energy Poverty at Global Disaster Relief Summit 2016

World Panel to Address Energy Poverty at Global Disaster Relief Summit 2016

Access to energy is categorized by the UN as nothing less than a basic human right. In a wired and connected global society, having access to power – particularly mobile power – is as important as food and shelter. Four billion people worldwide currently have limited access to electricity or none at all. This is a global crisis.

World Panel founder and CEO John A. Anderson learned about the importance of mobile energy first-hand on a trip to Uganda in 2011. Anderson arrived with a new solar cooking technology and anticipated that the rural community members would embrace the clean, fumeless solution with enthusiasm. Instead, they asked if the cooking device could charge their mobile phones. On that day, Anderson learned that people struggle every day to keep their phones charged and of the critical importance of a charged phone even in remote, rural Africa. His experience reflects the new normal for global society—for billions around the world, mobile phones provide a critical connection to safety, opportunity and prosperity.

Anderson returned to America and spent two years developing a mobile solar solution that would meet the needs of everyday life in Africa. Inspired by nature, he wanted to make a technology that mimicked a leaf and streamed electricity directly from the sun into a device instantaneously. The majority of solar chargers on the market are prone to breakage because of weak components such as chipsets and PC boards. Anderson knew that a chipset-free technology that rendered the panels fast-charging, as well as drop-proof, waterproof, heatproof and freeze-proof was the answer. Today the patented SunStream™ technology offers a private sector solution to all situations where energy is deeply needed and scarcely available.

Nowhere is the need for energy more acute than in situations of disaster relief. In times of crisis, fully charged mobile phones provide a lifeline to critical resources and information.

Anderson and his team will be at the Global Disaster Relief Summit 2016 to demonstrate the technology and engage in discussion with conference attendees. For more information, please visit